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The Peek Wallet (Jak’s Style)


The Jak’s Style Peek Wallet By Secret Tannery

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Using the same soft black leather and blue stitching as the “Rebel wallet” this is a practical everyday wallet.

An old peek with a modern design, the peek wallet is based on a wallet marketed in 1959 by Ed Mellon named “Dr. Jaks Private reading plus”, and later marketed by Tannens in New York, now made popular by Jerry O’Connell and named as the informer wallet. The informer wallet has been renamed “The famous Jak’s wallet” since propdog acquired the rights to all Jerry O’Connell wallets, visit propdogs website for more information.

My new design differs in its ability to act as an everyday wallet, carrying up to 12 business or credit cards with folded bills ( in the same section as the card pockets).

This is in my opinion on of the best peek system to date, and the reason is, it’s versatility, you don’t have to re-open the wallet to peek the information and you don’t have to peek at the critical moment, you have the option to table the wallet, wait and in the action of placing the wallet in your pocket, you can peek the information on an offbeat. See the video for the timing of the peek.

Manufactured by The Secret tannery, Ireland.



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